Registration for membership to CSCS requires 3 simple steps:

1. Provide the CSCS with a copy of a Physician Statement of Diagnosis or a similar form with a physician’s signature stating that they recommend the use of medical cannabis for you.

2. Fill out and submit to us the CSCS Application for Membership.

3. Provide the CSCS with one piece of photo ID.

That’s it!

We will accept all other Canadian Compassion Club memberships for a period of 60 days from your first purchase to allow people to try out our services. After that, if you wish to continue utilizing our services, you will have to complete the three steps for registration above. Simply give us a call for details.

If you are traveling to Canada from another country and hold a current membership at a Compassion Club in your country of origin, we will be happy to serve you. Please call ahead and make arrangements with CSCS staff to avoid delays upon your arrival in Canada.